Shadow was chained to a trailer hitch in Tijuana and abandoned. He had 1 seriously-injured eye, and was far too thin. A veterinarian in Mexico botched the eye surgery and removed only 1 testicle - when Shadow was transported to us, he required immediate specialist intervention to repair the damage done by the other veterinarian. Shadow is an innocent. He has no training. He's food-driven. He's ...
The Weimaraner needs daily strenuous exercise such as a long jog or play in a yard; it has a seemingly endless supply of stamina. This is definitely not a breed for those who are unprepared to exercise it regularly. The Weimaraner is unsuited for apartment life, preferring life in the country where it can run freely. (832) 210-3653
What a fun girl! Bella (and her best friend, Ash) would love to share your home, your attention, your life. These are nice dogs who have been well-cared-for and who will adapt easily to another caring home.
Ash and his companion, Bella, were released by owner due to a lifestyle change. Both are active, healthy, fun dogs. They're bonded and we hope to place them together.
16-May-2018San Gabriel, CA(20 miles)Dogs for Sale
Needs a companion that can accompany her full time. Great with other dogs. Likes on chewing stuffs but very forgetful on the things she done. Need inexpensive medical to keep stomach protected and brush teeth daily.
Charley just arrived from Mexico. He's quiet, docile, and grateful for every gentle touch, every meal, every soft word. When offered the choice of a nylabone or a stuffed animal yesterday, he chose the stuffed toy and carried it into his dogloo. (He got to keep the nylabone also, of course.) What a adorable boy he is. He'll be altered after he gains a few pounds.
Garey now runs for a toy to share with me. He puts his paws on my shoulders and softly 'tells' me his stories. He's becoming personable and far more trusting. He is protective, however - particularly behind a fence. Garey's life before Rescue was not optimum. It's no surprise to us that it takes time and a few walks for him to trust each new person.
16-Jun-2018Santa Clarita, CA(14 miles)Dogs for Sale
8yr old Brandy needs a home or rescue by Friday! Her current family is merging with another family and Brandy needs to find a place before then... She's 1/2 Weimeriner and 1/2 Vizsla but looks like a chocolate labrador! She's had a rough life and is an outdoor only dog. She gets along well with dogs she knows, but hasn't been socialized around many other dogs. She just wants attention and to gi...
Ash and his companion, Bella, were released by owner due to a lifestyle change. Both are active, healthy, fun dogs. They're bonded and we hope to place them together....
Rose was picked up as a stray in Jurupa Valley. She'd recently had surgery for a massive laceration. The sutures unfortunately were not holding. The admitting vet accomplished much regarding cutting away necrotic tissue and flushing the area...
20-May-2018Beverly Hills, CA(11 miles)Dogs for Sale
We found Rocket tied to a pole on the street - with no owner to be found, we couldn't let him be taken to the shelter, so we found a foster and he officially became an Ace dog! Rocket is a gentle boy who does good with other dogs. His favorite thing to do is lounge around, but he can definitely keep up on a hike if that's your thing!
Kassy was impounded with her buddy at a San Diego shelter. Morgan has been adopted; Kassy is waiting for her perfect home. She's social, affectionate and well-mannered. Kassy is a civilized 9yrs. She prefers to receive all the attention in her ...
Scout was impounded as a stray in a distant shelter. He was thin, he had a mangled toe, he had burn scars rimming his spine, his ears are crinkled from ignored hematomas, he is a senior - and he is a tail-wagger. He knows already that we think him tr...
Joshua is low-key, personable, affectionate. He enjoys rope toys, nylabones, and anything edible. He appears to be house-trained. Joshua came to us from an out-of-area shelter as a stray whose owner did not redeem. Shortly after he arrived, an area o...
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