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6 weeks still needs to be hand feed few more weeks. Super tamed .
All Hand fed babys, super tame, many to choose from $350 each .
The African grey parrot is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae. The Timneh parrot was earlier treated as a subspecies but has since been elevated to a full species,YOU CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US BY TEXT OR CALL 8727010865, TEXT OR CALL 8727010865 .
Beautiful baby African grey. Start bonding with your baby. Smart and very talkative. From 3 weeks old babies. Available only to experienced hand feeding Calls only no texts or emails thanks 8183509062 .
Say hello cherry the beautiful female talking cockatiel , 7 months old , she whistles a couple of sounds, and dances beautifully , and knows how to say her name , this is just the beginning , talking cocatiels are rare and auto of every 300 to 500 one you find with ability to talk , .

Bird cage

Bird cage with stand $95.00 .
Baby Rose Breasted Cockatoos. 3 months old. Handfed and Tame. Beautiful, Healthy, Active and Very Sweet. Fully weaned and ready to go to new families. We pride ourselves with caring and spending lots of quality time with each and every one of our babies individually so that we may provide you with a quality family pet. SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE. .
Beautiful Magna Double Yellow Amazon Parrot for adoption. He prefers woman but if you are a dominant man you can handle him. Have to adopt due to health issues I'm having. Very sad to see him go, but I'm not selfish. I want the best for him. .
Cockatoo, $1,300.00 213-447-3973 We have had Princess and Mario for 2 years and paid $1800 for the pair. Because of our schedule and my wife's new job we don't have the time to give these birds the time deserve so we think it's better to rehome them so we are looking to find them good home. Princess, the female is super friendly and sweet and pla .
I breed individually & selectively over 50 pairs of parakeets for more color & size variations -You will be amazed of the selection available....Call me for an appointment 818-426-3036. Joe {no texting please] $15 plus....depending on size and colors....If you love hand feeding..>I allways have babies available for that really tame bird....price .
Diamond Doves, $20 each+ 818-426-3036 call Joe very small dove about the size of a parakeet but a lot less noisy,has a soft cooing perfect for daydreaming.....818-426-3036 Joe .
2015, 2 females available, perfect condition $2300 each .
Super nice beautiful Green Wing Macaw. A little feather loss on underbelly as seen in picture. Free flys but Ok with wings trimmed. Highly trained. 13 years old. Contact for more information. .
PARAKEET lover, if you handle your birds with open cage, please call me, I have a good offer for you .
Cockatoo, Male, Female, $800.00 kourney-lesley@yahoo.com .
PARAKEET, handfed, papa, mama & babies, $10 ea .
PARAKEETS, 2 mating pairs, 9 mos old, couple, green & yellow, dark green, very tame, and gentle, gentle bird lovers only, both $30 .
PARAKEET baby 2 months old tame, healty, $10 - only to good home .

Bird cage

Great condition - 16 x 22 x 32" High .
Proven pair of peach face lovebirds. Creamino red eye female & Australian cinnamon male. Both 1 year old. .
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