12-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
I'm distinguished and sophisticated, yet sometimes shy at 1st glance. I may take a bit to open up to you but then BAM! My personality is out and you better be ready for it! I enjoy car rides, sniffing the ground on a nice walk, and laying in your lap. I'm also charming. I prefer commitment-none of this "open relationship" nonsense. Could you be a match for me? If so, take me home now!
8-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
Looking for a running buddy? Or hiking buddy? Or road trip buddy? Look no further! I can do it all-run, swim and be your precious companion at the same time. I love being active and getting my exercise in-think you can keep up with me, hooman?
8-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
Creed is a very loving pitbull mastiff. He has the greatest personality. Loves children and loves to snuggle in your blankies. Hes still young so he is hyper. He also needs help with leash training. 100% house broken.
Baby is the most precious red nose pit bull ever. i love this dog, so i want to make sure she goes to a nice home .She is a very people friendly, kid friendly and loving happy dog. i rescued her straight off the streets of watts she was just wandering around she just had a litter it looked like cause she still had milk. She came into my home where i have seven other dogs and behaved just fine s...
8-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
Bandit is 10 mons old she s a very nice dog a little hyper at times but very loving and cuddly..She was my husband s dog and my husband passed away a couple months ago so I m unable to take care of her I have all my children to take care of so I m hoping I can find her a nice home before July 31 Because then I m going to have to surrender her to the humane Society to adopt her out..She loves to...
Bruno is a loving guy! He will wag his tale so fast when you come home! We adopted him from he shelter and may have lived most of his life in the streets. He is trained to sleep in doors almost all night until about 5-6 am where he will ask to go to the backyard sometimes. We have 2 kids of our own both boys age nine and 7 so we are not sure if he s been around kids younger than this. We have t...
7-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
I know I am built a bit like a tank and look like a tough guy, but I am the opposite. I am cute by nature, and if there was a Mr. Congeniality contest I just might win. Once I get to know you, you will see my happy body wiggle and smile when you come to visit me. I really get very excited at the thought of going out for a walk. On the way out of the kennel, I let all the other dogs know that I'...
7-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
I get so excited when we get ready to go for a walk that I have to talk to you and jump around. Once we are outside, which is the best place ever, I will easily walk by your side. A great game of fetch can brighten any day. What you will notice is I live in the moment, enjoying everything. Happy-go-lucky is what I am.
7-Aug-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
I am kind of a shy guy and might shake a bit until we get to know each other. It won't take long for me to warm up, and for you to see that I am very precious and wag my tail to show you when I am happy. I am very easy to walk with and will stay pretty much by your side. Not surprising, I will sniff each and every thing that we come across. It smells so great outside. I won't turn down a tasty ...
2-Jul-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
If a companion is what you're looking for, then I'm the best pet for you! I'll commit with no questions asked, because all I want is someone to lay next to or nap with, someone to rub my belly, and someone to love. Simple needs, right? If you think so, take me home today!
7-Jun-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
Hi. four years ago I got my boyfriend a puppy. He was three times bigger than his siblings. He was ridiculously precious. We named him cujo cuz of his size. As he grew we called him Horse/ Horsie. His mom was an American Pitt and dad was the labrador that jumped the fence. Lol. My boyfriend loves him so much. He is heartbroken. So I'm helping. We have three dogs total and our land lord says we ...
6-Jun-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
I know I may have lost a leg but it doesn't mean I lost my life! I'm still playful and curious, but I have a deeper love for people who accept me the way I am. I'll reach out for you with my paw, kiss your nose, or curl up in the crook of your arm. Plus, I'm precious AND I'm faster than anyone else in a game of chase. I'm hard to resist, don't you agree?
6-Jun-2018Reno, NV +5 milesDogs for Sale
Class of 2017 here! I just graduated from the PUPPIES Program, where I was trained by a special team at the prison. I improved the lives of them; they gave me the 2nd chance I deserve. Thanks to PUPPIES, I know commands, how to greet other dogs (and people), I respect the space of others, and I've got handsome manners. I've even got a journal tracking my accomplishments! Ask about me today!
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